Sunday, November 19, 2006

Aren’t we doing well?!

Another quickie post (what’s new?) just to say well done to my Nano buddies! Some of you are so far ahead, I’m left wondering whether you people sleep.

For my part, I’m typing at every opportunity, which isn’t as often as I’d like. But that’s okay, because November is fast turning into my favourite month of the year, and I think it’s down to the demand verses time available.

And I really like this book I’m writing! Last year’s was kind of wishy-washy, but I like the characters more this year and I think it shows. I might even put an exert up before the end of the month (and some of you know how I don’t share, lol!)

Other news includes: staring at my car. Still can’t drive it, but the registration test is booked for the 1st December (oh so fitting!!), and my mother’s Merc is near identical and as I’m still driving that, it’s no great shakes. The BH’s car is still not fixed, which isn’t surprising, because it seems everything the BH and I try to do takes months longer than it would for anyone else.

And life is almost quiet, as my parents are in the Southern hemisphere at the moment. Does that sound awful? I don’t mean it to, it’s just the pressure is off.

I suppose I should also mention J, my eldest daughter. Those who have read me for a while, will know J. She’s the accident prone one – any accident another child could have, J will do with more style! Her latest feat of misadventure involves the school playground, and running too fast before tripping over her feet. This is the result:

To be honest, though it looks bad, I’m not concerned – unlike the other mothers, who were horrified! And the school was too, it happened on Wednesday, and they haven’t let her out to play with the other kids since! They were full of apologies that such a thing could happen, and every teacher I pass tells me how brave she is, and asks after her – but honestly, it’s a scrape, and when you take into account J’s history, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

And the upside was, the following day I took her to the hospital (her face swelled up to the point where she couldn’t open her eye, and I began to worry a little), and I met a dishy doctor called Grant. As it’s not often I meet a man I think ‘Corrrrrr!’ about, I’m mentioning him here! Apologies to the BH, who at least knows there isn’t a man out there with a bum as fabulous as his ;o)

Oh and lastly, I’ve been offered money. It seems someone wants to advertise on this page – have any of you every received emails offering you an annual upfront payment for such a thing? I was surprised to say the least, and I haven’t yet responded. I have taken a peek about, trying to see if it’s some sort of reverse scam, but I can’t find anything. Guess it’s a huge compliment, I think.

Right well, I’m afraid I must push off and type, my heroine is about to meet the hero’s girlfriend, and I mustn’t keep them waiting.

Friday, November 03, 2006

48 Hours Later

We’re home! I’m cold, tired, and have just remembered the dog ate my slippers and I should have bought some more.

It was a whirlwind trip, with barely a minute to think, but it all went surprisingly well, though I could mention how the plane was late arriving, how the taxi was also late, how long we had to spend at the dealership, and about how J dropped a cup of hot chocolate all down herself whilst there, how all these things combined meant we didn’t set off driving until after six in the evening which in turn meant we were three hours later than predicted getting to the hotel – but instead I’ll focus on the swimming pools both hotels had, and how the children adored swimming before breakfast and dinner, how well behaved they were, how much shopping I did, and how great my new car is!

And my car is great. Not that I’ve really had time to look at it properly (haven’t even found the cd player yet – seriously – apparently it’s somewhere in the boot!) Definitely a great buy, another car dealer even said as much when we got chatting and I said why we were in England, and the BH said it was a smooth ride (which is something he’s always complained about in my old one). Having said that, motorway drivers are insane. I swear they don’t understand what breaking distance is, and it’s safe to say I’ve added a few grey hairs to my collection.

We also just missed an accident (by seconds!) which is still on my mind. A motorcyclist was hit by a car and thrown off of the road. I’ve no idea if he survived, but it didn’t look like his bike did, and I can’t think of a way to find out as I don’t really know where we were when it happened. I just said a silent prayer as we were waved passed by the drivers who had stopped. Poor chap.

And England is cold! And I’m still cold even though it was 9 degrees warmed at home when we arrived. I think it must seep into your bones.

My Nano count is crap. Only got started today on the boat home. Thought I would carry on this afternoon, but I fell asleep on the couch after I’d had a hot bath. And now I’m doing this. A quickie post, before the kids realise it’s late and they haven’t been fed yet.

But I do want to tell you about something P said when in one of the huge shops. Where we live it’s a sheltered place with not too many people, and combined with P’s extremely limited interest with the world at large, he can come out with some crackers.

A woman wearing a burka walked passed him pushing a trolley, and P stopped dead in his tracks and watched her before turning to R and saying (in much too loud-a-voice), “R, that’s the woman who had her picture in the paper the other day!” R promptly grabbed him and hurried out the aisle!

And something really good has come out of this quickie jaunt. We like living here. We all said it at different times, for different reasons, but we’ve come home and all agree our island is unique and beautiful. And the BH and I no longer want to leave. Still can’t afford the place, and we still have many, many gripes I could bore you with, but home is where the heart is, and this little island has our hearts – not that I didn’t know this before, I did, but the difference is, now we're glad of it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And, we’re off!

Nano starts today! That was my first thought.

Shortly followed by, shit, I’ve got to drive on a motorway, in the dark.

Wish it was the writing I was starting. But no, mustn’t get started right now, as I only have half an hour before I have to leave to get the dog to the kennels.

The woman who runs the kennels is very strict; drop off and pick up is only allowed between 7 and 7:30am, then again between 5 and 6 pm. Thinking if she can control me so well, she should work wonders on the dog!

BTW, thank you for all your kind thoughts. I know I don’t have to do Nano, but I SO want to. I don’t have time for writing anymore, or much of an inclination, but I’ve been waiting to do this again for nearly a year, and I won’t give up before I’ve even began.

But I am a lot better. Not because I took a break, but because I’ve been going so fast, I’ve caught up a bit. And on Monday I did slow down – when I got ill. Totally expected, as I ALWAYS get ill before I travel. Thankfully, by yesterday I was feeling better, and I’ve just taken some flu remedy, so should be okay for today.

This business about no liquids on planes, is a pain in the arse. Even lipsticks are banned. Sincerely hope I’ve read the info pages right, and we’re allowed toothpaste and deodorant in our main luggage. If I’m wrong, I’m going to look like an idiot at the airport when I have to repack our bag.

The kids should be up soon. They’re so excited I’m amazed they slept at all! And my Uncle called last night, wanting to see us today. Felt awful explaining we’re on such a tight schedule we can’t stop for afternoon tea. But I’m also thinking we have to make more of an effort to take the children away more often, and maybe next summer we could drive up England. Especially now we’ll have a car that’s suitable for such an adventure.

Suppose I should go and get dressed and get this show on the road.

Oh, and all those taking part in Nano, please let me know what name you’re registered under so I can add you as a buddy (I'm on as Jona), and get depressed that you started so well. Unlike me.