Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting ratty!

I’m in pain. I have been for over a week, and I shouldn’t even be telling you about it as typing is one of the things that causes the bloody pain!

I’ve even been to the doctor already (and we all know how tight I am!), and you know what he said? Talk about adding insult to injury, he suggested I work on my ‘posture’! POSTURE? Bloody posture?! I have the best bloody posture of most people I know!!

But I didn’t say that. I humbly nodded, and later told my mother who did the laughing for me. I’m in too much pain to laugh, instead I roll my shoulders back a lot, stick out my boobs, and try to remember never to cross my legs.

At least the doctor said if it wasn’t better after a week of anti-inflammatories, I could have an x-ray. Only three days to go.

Then it’ll probably be a week or so before the Dr’s ready to see me, and then… then what? Bloody hell I don’t know, don’t care either, just hope he can stop the bloody pain.

I’m not so bad in the day, it’s just the mornings, evenings, and nights which are the worst. Trying to sleep is the real killer, doesn’t seem to matter how I arrange myself, my shoulder screams.

Last night was bad. I was nearly asleep, oh so nearly… when I heard a beep. It was loud, but I was nearly asleep so I tried to ignore it.

But the beeps kept coming. Every three minutes I estimate. And bloody hell three minutes can be a long time when you’re standing in a hall trying to determine where the bloody beep is coming from!

You should see the hall now. Every electronic toy I stumbled over is pilled high, the night lights and room fresheners are all unplugged and stuffed under various cushions, every tv, video, and dvd player was quickly switched off at the wall, while ipods, speakers and anything else I could find was shoved in drawers.

But how is it, in a house of six, that I’m the only person it bothered?! Sure, some turned over and grumbled in their sleep as I tiptoed around rooms, trying to determine where the bloody beep originated from, but between the teeth grinding, snorting (both from R!), and snoring, they were all content and peaceful.

I, on the other hand, lugged my stupid, painful right shoulder about, and cursed the lot of them! But I found the bloody beep, and I’ve half a mind to take number 1 son’s phone away from him if he can’t keep the damn thing charged whilst keeping it in some obscure pocket!

Eventually I got back to bed. But I wasn’t tired by then, just pissed off and in pain. Funny how you start to notice little things in the dead of night, like the fact it feels like I live in a barnyard!

Between the snoring, the grunts, and the demented mumblings of others dreams, it’s a wonder I got any sleep at all.

Though in fairness I should add, the BH has been telling me all week how I keep screaming swear words in my sleep.

And I know I woke up swearing this morning, when I rolled on my bloody shoulder.

So here we are, on a damp miserable Sunday morning, with an hour to go until I have to wake J for ballet. Now the house is quiet. Except for the mutt, who’s busy chomping on a bone and trying to tempt my slippers into playing. If he keeps it up, I’ll kick him.