Friday, August 28, 2015

Manners anyone? Yes please :)

So today has been a better day, in part because of my fellow human beings - I mention this, as my 'fellow human beings' don't often do a lot for my mood  ;)

I also spent money today, this was another bonus because I like spending money, but sadly rarely have enough.

But today I got a bargain, and bargains are a definite hit with my mood! I bought myself a scroll saw, brand new, for £20. Of course I didn't know I wanted one before I saw the advert, but I have tons of ideas with what I'll do with it, now that I own it.

I also bought my mother a childs wardrobe, which is smaller than an adults wardrobe (obviously!) for her new bedsit she will soon be letting out. She wanted a tallboy, but they are gosh darn hard to find, and frankly this childs wardrobe looks just like one, and it's solid wood which is also a bonus.

The people I brought the items off were wonderful. They really helped make my day better.

The lady who sold me the wardrobe I sort of know, or rather, we have had communication before - via our local FB pages, after she asked for advice on an issue with her mother who had suffered a massive stroke, and I responded via PM to her. Funnily enough that convo happened 1 year to the very day, prior to my father dying.

So anyway, when we met up we got chatting - first about strokes, and parents dying, then children, then society in general. I really liked her, in fact I was late for the chap who was selling me the scroll saw. But he didn't mind, 'cos he was lovely too ! We got chatting about cutting various wood types, and then he mentioned his wife made cakes, and of course I could chat about that for quite a while too.

It's a good feeling to meet and click with people :) Dare I even add 'good' people...well they felt like good people to me, but can't really judge that after only 30 minutes of chatting, can you?

Someone I didn't click with today, was the ass who was behind me when I was taxiing P to the dentist this morning. So many of our roads have blind exits, that we often have to rely on mirrors positioned opposite T junctions. Which is where I was, when he honked at me.  Well after spending the last month teaching P how to drive, and reminding him endlessly to ignore others who try to encourage you into hurrying before you feel secure pulling out - it gave me a great chance to show P that I will not be bullied into taking risks, just because someone else left home late ! But I did think it was rude of him, that's my point. And as P is not here, I will admit it really annoyed me, and didn't make me hurry in the least.... ;)

But overall a good day, Yay !


Blogger Page Turner said...

I have been away from this for too long. I'm missing your writing and I'm missing my own. Most of what you say always resonates with fellow human beings doing more damage than good to moods. Sometimes I wish I could like people more.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 10:08:00 pm  

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