Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not sure what to make of him...

I don't trust my own judgement, not that it matters, but I am somewhat bemused by a call I got on Friday... but let me start at the beginning.

I ran the School uniform shop, on a voluntary basis for the past 3 years, and gave it up in July. You don't need to know the details, other than part of the job was doing the ordering, and so twice a year I met with a Supplier who came over from the UK.

He's a very nice chap, my age, charming, confident, but always made me feel at ease, tall, slim, nice blue eyes, etc. etc...

Well, when I last saw him in April he knew I had started to look for another mother to take over the job, but nevertheless we made our November appointment. Obviously I warned him, it may not be me who showed up. He then spent several minutes saying how sorry he was that I was giving the job up, and that he would miss our meetings. (Yeah right, 'cos discussing football socks and lengths of summer dresses is riveting stuff!) But it was sweet of him to be kind.

So then, at the end of the summer term, he sent me the usual email confirming our next appointment date. I replied saying that other moms were taking over and I was not sure it would be me he saw. He then came back saying what a shame that would be, and how he hoped I might be there anyway to show them how we do the ordering. I didn't respond back.

To be honest I was glad to get rid of the Uniform shop and have not looked back since others stepped in, as such I have no intention of doing anything more.When I handed over all the books, I stuck a note on that the Supplier had an appointment with them in November.

Then he called me on Friday - little earlier than usual, as he normally calls the week before the meet. When I explained I was no longer involved, instead of asking who he would now be meeting, he went on about how I had been a pleasure to deal with for the past 3 years.

He asked me what I was now doing with my time, if I was working etc, all very nicey nice conversation, then he suggested we meet up anyway. Ummmm... what? Why??

I didn't say that, I mumbled something about having his number and I would see how that week was going, but that he must surely be busy when here. He said he was, but that lunchtimes and evening were his own and he would find the time to get together. I again reiterated that I had his number, and told him he should call the school secretary to find out who he was having the meeting with. I got off the phone as quick as I could.

Now, here's the thing... I don't know what to make of it. To be honest it doesn't really matter what I make of it, as am not interested either way. But I am interested to know if I am being dim.... did he ask me out? A part of me is kinda flattered that he might have, another part of me is horrified that he might have.

Yep, this is how well I know my own mind right now. It just strikes me as odd that he would suggest that, especially as I wouldn't really call him a 'friend'. Is this how people get asked out these days? Or is this just the confusion of a middle aged lonely woman?

Wish I understood people better. Or maybe that would leave me even more confused *sigh*


Blogger Page Turner said...

I tried to comment with my iphone but couldn't get it to write the little code at the bottom...grrr!

Anyway, I think I said something along the line of, yes, this man was asking you out the old fashioned way. Without actually saying he was interested, he was giving you plenty of attention and positive affirmations to indicate his interest. Now a days people read profiles on dating sites and then meet in coffee shops to see if there is anything between them. You have just been out of practise, I would guess. You should be flattered :)

Monday, October 22, 2012 10:57:00 am  
Blogger Jona said...

guess I am sorta flattered, although no less bewildered as we never flirted.

And thanks for replying - least I also now know my suspicions were right lol ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 11:21:00 am  

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