Saturday, October 20, 2012

Making Decisions

I am trying to stay away from FB, at least for now.

I still like it, and think it's the handiest way to stay in touch with people, but I find it too hard to deal with just now. Only a couple of those who followed the link and found this place might understand that. And not all my FB friends can see the link ;)

Sorry if that leaves you confused. But I can't really say more, as it's complicated and too big an issue to explain. But I know that I have to start doing 'smart' things for myself, and the biggest smart thing I can do is leave the past where it belongs. Of course it's ironic that I had this place long before I used FB, but I never shared this place, and doubt anyone would think to look for it now.

My strength is surprising me, but I need to watch my anger flashes as they burst upon me unexpectedly and I fear my foolishness at these times.

I have also found that the biggest thing I need to work, is forgiving myself. I can forgive others their failings, make excuses why some behave and treat others badly, but I betrayed myself. And that seems unforgivable right now.

But anyway... onward and upward!

I have decided (and already registered) to do the NaNoWriMo in November! I am really excited, and somewhat nervous..... I did complete it in both 2005 and 2006, but haven't written seriously for several years now *gulp*

But I do remember the sense of accomplishment I felt each time, and that's worth having again. But I also recall the time it took to manage it - I sure as heck won't have the time to dwell inside my own head during November if I give this a good shot. In fact won't have time for much other than writing!

 So, I'd better get organised! Am starting today, as I have to take P into town for new trainers (some may remember what that boy is like with shoes - and age hasn't improved him!), I will also start the Christmas shopping!!


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