Friday, November 28, 2008

My week from hell

Monday morning I was in a meeting, accompanying my main boss Tom, when my phone rang. It doesn’t happen a lot – so I hadn’t turned it off.

It was my other ‘boss’ Nick the dipstick, useless one (the one who runs my main bosse’s 2nd company (main boss has three now)).

His words to me were, “I’ve quit!”

It’s safe to say he caught me off guard, and with a table full of people looking at me – waiting to continue the meeting, all I could mutter was, “Not now, Nick!” and I slammed the phone down.

Of course the main boss frowned at me, and it probably didn’t look great to everyone else that I speak to one of the bosses like that.

*sigh* as soon as the meeting was over a roller-coaster ride began. Nick called me back just as I got back to my car, and he obviously didn’t realise Tom was sitting next to me.

To cut a long story short, the spineless, ignorant little sh*t screwed Tom royally. And I feel me too.

At the time he claimed he'd dismissed the employees - but at least two of them would have demanded compensation, and as they hadn't been on the phone to me screaming for it, I knew there was more to the tale....turns out he's been planning this weeks – which is almost amusing, as on a dog walk with the boss’s wife last Thursday I’d confided to her, that if I didn’t know better, I’d swear he was trying to scupper the company.

I obviously did know better but was too stupid to realise people could behave in such a dishonourable fashion.

He’s setting up with someone who wanted to buy the company 6 months ago, with our men (not dismissed, poached), and our contracts. Even wants to buy our equipment, the little….

He has a legal case to answer, but as this Nick lives week to week with just the cash he has in hand, and not even a bank account – Tom’s been advised that he should really ask himself he wants this to drag out, with very little likelihood of satisfaction. Tom has yet to decide.

So that was Blow number 1.

Tuesday I saw my brother. He was complaining, as usual, bloody hypochondriac. Except he ain’t a bloody hypochondriac, he has two blood clots and is back on the 6 month DVT treatment. Poor bugger. Last time he had to spend months in hospital, thankfully this time they’re letting him get his injections as an outpatient.

And at least he’s upbeat – downright surprising considering he can’t drink and it’s Christmas ;)

And the 3rd blow to the week…..because they always come in 3s! Pierce failed the exam.

I thought I’d be more upset than him, but no, he’s crushed, but refuses to give up saying he wants to take the exam again next year!

But realistically if he can’t get into year 7, will he get into year 8? And will anyone have left in just one year to provide a place for him? We are considering a different angle, that is P could repeat year 6 and take the same exam for year 7 next year.

It would mean an entire repeat of this school year, which is somewhat amusing at he’s the 4th brightest in his school year…..but maybe with extra lessons he’d manage it next year.

*sigh* I’ll do what I can to make that happen for him, but if truth be told I feel so bruised a part of me wants to run away for fear history will simply repeat itself and we’ll simply be in the same position next year.

And we have pointed out to him that it would probably mean he always struggles to keep up – which isn’t a lot of fun! But the boy is besotted with that school, and wants it….and I guess he’s the one who’ll have to do the work, so like I said, I’ll do what I can to help it happen for him.

Just not quite sure where to start... *sigh*


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