Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just call me Slack Jack!

This time last week, I was thinking it’s time I came off of these happy pills. Too dull, and too detached from my responsibilities to care.

Then I ran out of pills.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal, just pop up the pharmacy and fill another prescription. But I was busy.

It was half term this week, all the kids off. And J’s 6th Birthday. Plus we had various appointments, not to mention my boss is away and I had to work a few hours to cover things.

By the third day without my happy pill, I was starting to feel less than happy.

But I did manage to make this:

Along with a pile of other goodies, which I really should have photographed before they were eaten by this lot:

J had a good 6th birthday. And it didn’t end there, she also had her first sleepover! Heaven help me, it may be a while before I’m up for that again as I discovered some little girls can stay awake later than me.

On the upside, all this was achieved because I received my Christmas pressie on Monday (last years, not this!) It is a thing of beauty!

At least to my eyes, though one of the other moms did say if her husband had given her a mixer for Christmas, she would have lamped him!

And I already know what I want for this years Christmas present. This:

It’s a Scooba, and it washes floors! How divine is that?! Typically you can’t buy the bloody thing around here, but that’s where my love of eBay will pay off! Now all I have to do is save up for it.

And that’s easier said than done, when money seems to flow out of this house easier than water.

And by that comment you may guess, I haven’t done anything about my many business ideas. I wonder about that. Am I a lazy person? All talk and no motivation? My mom doesn’t think so, she’s always made a big deal out of the fact I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, but she often adds, I become easily bored.

Don’t think that’s so true now, because I never have time to get bored these days. I just never have time to finish anything!

Yep, I always have a ton of excuses. Take January, it was a complete write off. Within hours of writing my last post, I got sick.

I had flu, which after properly having it, I now know I’ve never had before. It was nearly three weeks before I had the energy to get through a day. And that’s a damn fine excuse! February has been full of trying to catch up.

And if we go back, December was about Christmas, kids holidays, and trying to keep up at work. November was Nano, and October was preparing for the trip to collect our car.

It’s occurred to me I could go on… probably for about twelve years, as could many of you with kids.

When I think of it like that, I don’t feel so guilty or useless (just a tad stupid for having so many kids!!)

But back to business ideas. It doesn’t help I seem to be working so much, even the boss noticed and asked what takes so long in the office! His comment makes me feel a bit guilty, but the woman I took over from had one job for one company, now there are two companies, and I’m also the family’s secretary doing all their stuff. Thankfully the boss also says a lot of nice things too.

And I haven’t quite given up the baking idea. You see I saw something on the net –you recall this cake I did?:

I saw the same design for sale at $150. $150, are people mad?! I would love to bake for a living, damn shame I've got a dog.

And speaking of Kobi, he’s still here (and that wasn’t a given). I think the dog’s biggest problem is, not realising he isn’t one of the kids! Bloody heffalump is forever trying to sit on me. Or hump my leg. Will soon have to decide whether I’m going to get him snipped, or breed Labradors. Yes, another bright idea. Except not so bright, as there isn’t real money in it unless you cut corners or do it on a grand scale (neither of which appeal to me). But I always thought I would breed dogs, and I can’t quite give up on the idea. Still, a small voice of common-sense wouldn’t let me move forward, least not until Kobi’s had his hip and eye scores done (in a couple of months).

And he’s still a buggar. Chews everything within reach, barks at inanimate objects, jumps up at everyone (except me), won’t walk on a lead, and is the most skittish dog I’ve ever had.

It’s crazy but he’s scared of so many things. Men in yellow jackets, balloons, large gloves, people with ear muffs on, horses, children who wake him in the night (especially little girls on sleepovers). If it wasn’t so embarrassing, it’d be funny. Embarrassing, because the daft dog barks like mad whilst crawling along the floor, wetting himself. The rest of the time I’m hauling him off of people. The dog is deranged. And fits right in!

Anyway, I’m going to go now. I’ve waffled long enough and I can smell warm cookies, fresh from the oven, and you have to be quick in this house or the little people will eat everything...