Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lazy Days

Wish this dumb dog would move! He’s lying asleep under my chair, and between not wanting to run over his ear, or wake him (life is easier when he sleeps!), I’m sat all wrong to type.

We’re one week down on the summer holidays and it’s safe to say I’m enjoying them. I don’t mean having the kids about (though I’ve only wanted to kill them half a dozen or so times) but the loss of caring what day it is, is delightful. Now if I could just persuade the kids to stop fighting, stop being hungry and thirsty all the time, stop yelling, stop going through three outfits a day (each), and tidy their rooms, my life would be a dream!

But back to reality. R finally received his school report yesterday, and there was a note with it which has made me smile – due to the number of boys loosing the equipment from their pencil cases, the school will now be providing all equipment required and parents are asked not to supplement with extras – Ha!! Loosing?!! Yeah, right. Still ‘tis good to know other parents won’t be pulling their hair out as I did. Bloody typical that they do it when he’s leaving though!

And something else interesting about his report, it wasn’t as good as usual. His grades look alright, but two of the teachers (English and Maths) say he doesn’t try as hard enough, and another complained he didn’t hand homework in on time (though she did add it was due to absences – strange as it’s only four days in the last two terms). R swears blind she’s lying, and I do find it odd as the school make a big point of saying they hand out demerits if homework isn’t in on time, and R has never had a demerit. His year teacher even comments that R has collected more merits than most. I don’t much care after all the fuss we’ve had with the school this year, but it bugs me a bit as this report will go to his new school and it doesn’t seem fair after so many years of glowing reports.

Having said that, everything has always come so easy to R and I’ve often wondered how he would cope when things got tougher. After all, you have to learn to study and R hasn’t got a clue what’s involved with that! Lucky sod really, but all things considered I think it’s a good thing he’s off to an academic school next term.

Other news includes, S turning 4! Four. Four years since I had a baby, where does the time go? And have I mentioned I’ve finally accepted S is my last? Of course on a sensible level I’ve known this for a while, but my heart ached at the reality. But no more, now it’s okay, sad but okay.

And let’s face it, I couldn’t cope with any more kids! Sure they all start off cute (nature’s big con ;o)), but then they go and grow up, and whine, and stamp their feet, and never stop eating, or wanting to do things. I’m tired, and as much as I love them all to bits, I’d really like them all to go away for a while. I know that sounds incredibly mean, but I just would like it all to stop for a day or two. But I mustn’t complain as life is definitely easier without all the school runs!

And I was talking about S’s birthday. It was a good day, she seemed happy enough with her gifts and being taken out for dinner. And I had to laugh, as my Friday friend (who’s also S’s Godmother) gave S a card for turning 3. You should have heard her exclaim in utter disgust, ‘I’M NOT 3!’ What amuses me so much is that this same woman gave P a card for turning 6 on his 4th birthday, and it’s all becoming a bit of a joke now. Though I should add, P wasn’t near as indignant about her error as S was!

Oh my day just got ruined! A tiny chaffinch just killed itself by flying into the office window. At least I think it’s dead, I can’t feel a heartbeat and after holding it for ten minutes, it’s still not moving. Poor thing, I’ve put it out of the sun and away from any cats reach just in case I’m wrong. I hope I am.

Did I ever mention how I had to take a day of work once because I couldn’t stop crying over a dead mouse? I don’t normally go quite so nuts, but I was very pregnant with R, and it was my fault it was dead. Thought I was being clever by using those humane mouse traps which don’t kill the mice, just trap them. But this little thing died of sheer fright, and there it was dead in my hands, I just felt so awful about it. Guess it was better than being poisoned and dying in writhing agony, but at the time I was beside myself.

What a daft mare I am!

And a messy one, which brings us to my final bit for today (bet you thought I’d have to shut up soon, eh?!), Daisy tagged me into showing what I had in my fridge, closet, car and handbag.

Well the fridge is full of goodies left over from S’s birthday:That’s chocolate cake (two of them ;o)), lemonade, custard, cream, profiteroles, and then the usual stuff like Tommy sauce, marg, watermelon, grapes, coke, eggs, veg, cheeses, milk, beer, lucozade and bacon.

The closet isn’t so bad. Piles of jeans, with jumpers on the top shelf that will hopefully not get used for several more weeks, and lots of shirts.

My handbag is stuffed full as you can see! Kids sunglasses, phone/pda, tissues, cheque book, purse with cards and money, lipstick, memory pen, receipts galore, lighters, and of course cigarettes. They say the state of a woman’s handbag is a reflection of her state of mind, and I’m mighty surprised it isn’t worse.

The car is an absolute tip! Spades, buckets, dog treats, more tissues, telephone directory, booster seats, stickers, umbrella, dog lead, wipes, CDs for a CD player which hasn’t worked for two years. Have you heard enough yet? I’ll trust you have!

And now I have to tag people, but Ummmm, I think I'll just tag everyone who reads this! (And I'll know, I check the IPs!!)


Blogger Tim-tambolini said...

I guess since I'll be tagged there is no point in not commenting.

When I saw you car I laughed because mine is worse...if you can imagine. And, my steering wheel is on the opposite side so I was a little weirded out when I saw yours. LOL What would be more entertaining for me to show is the state of my livingroom right now because my kitchen got new flooring today and everything is in the livingroom...even the fridge!

Friday, July 28, 2006 12:48:00 am  
Blogger Monique said...

Hey, your steering wheel is on the wrong side of your car! :) Just kidding. I was on vacation once in another location with opposite side driving, and sat in the passenger side of a car which is the side I'm used to sitting on to drive. Totally freaked me out!

Friday, July 28, 2006 3:38:00 am  
Blogger Kuntry Konfession said...

mom should get paid for doing the things you do! and holy cow! no one has mention lucozade in forever! i used to drink that when i was a kid and played jumprope like crazy- i thought it gave me special powers....ofcourse it did!
by the way, headphones help-you can still hear the kids but not so intense. they are!-drunk tripping monkeys but they're the only ones that can make u laugh or smile during a crazy sad storms of life!

Friday, July 28, 2006 6:03:00 pm  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

J, how do you do the HTML code to link the text and the pictures so neatly?

Friday, July 28, 2006 8:02:00 pm  
Blogger Kuntry Konfession said...

scroll down my page to "ode to the mother"-dedicated to all of mommies. might give you a smile. (when u get the time) hahahah!

Saturday, July 29, 2006 1:54:00 pm  

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