Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh yeah! I’m off to London

That’s my attempt at excitement.

Actually that’s not fair, I am kind of excited, it’s just manifesting itself as dread. Mostly of the planes, tubes, crowds, shops, noise, smell, and uncomfortable hotel beds which tend to come with ridiculously bouncy pillows.

Plus, this is my life, and as if on cue my period started this morning, bringing with it spots and cramps. The dog ate the book I wanted to take, and Amazon haven’t delivered the other respectable book I wanted to take (respectable as in, not fluffy romance). Heavy showers are predicted in London on Sunday, which should be fun when we’re standing in Hyde Park being deafened. Oh, and S has been ill the last 3 days.

Had to beg my mother’s help to watch S whilst I went to work this morning, but I’m now home eating my lunch and thinking about packing. I leave at 4, which is about 10 minutes after I get in from the school run. Just enough time for a cuppa and cigarette, thank goodness! Which reminds me of a bonus, England isn’t going smoke free until the 1st of July, so we’ll be able to smoke in the pubs and cafes! I’ve missed that.

On the upside I’m going with Cass, and we can talk till the cows come home, so I figure she’ll be a better travel partner than the girl I went across America with. And she’s also on a budget so the shopping won’t be extensive, and we’re both interested in museums so I’m sure I will enjoy the weekend.

Just nervous. After all take the BH and kids away, and who am I?


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