Monday, June 11, 2007

Someone should have told me! (Or maybe I should have been paying attention!!)

Do you realise what the date is? We’re nearly half way through June! JUNE!! Crap, where did the year go?

From this point on, for the rest of the year life is like getting fired out of a rocket. Then again maybe I should be glad, as it means January will be around in no time at all!

So I thought I should get my diary up to date, especially as I think we’ve missed a party, but still haven’t found the invitation so can’t be sure, don’t even know who it was from, so I can’t call the mom and claim my kids dog ate it.

Though I seriously doubt we could fit another party in anyway, as we’re booked up until mid-July. Bloody hate kids parties too, and worse still, both P and S are asking if they can have parties.

I think I’m going to tell P no, as he had one two years ago, which isn’t really that long ago, is it? And anyway I don’t much like his friends, so it kinds of sticks in my throat that I have to pay all this money to entertain them. And anyway, both the Saturdays around his birthday are committed already.

Not sure what to do about S. She’s going to lots of parties this year, and I think if I agree to a party then I’ll have to invite the entire class. Blah. Just the thought of it wears me out.

If I knew the moms better I’d invite some here, but as I haven’t made the slightest effort to talk to this group, I don’t know them at all. You know, I don’t know a single mother’s name from S’s class. That’s appalling, and I’m actually feeling ashamed.

Oh, oh, but I have just had a thought about another mom!! Today when we got to school I noticed one of the moms was wearing bands on her wrists. It was only the look on her face, as she noticed my face, that stopped me laughing out loud!

She’s 7 weeks pregnant, but it’s a secret. Figure I can tell you though, as it’s not like you’re going to show up and look for the mom wearing sea-sickness bands in the playground! She said I was the first person who’d noticed the bands and knew why she might be wearing them. Ha, after four pregnancies I know most of the tricks!

But back to birthdays, I suppose I should start by buying some gifts, damn, this is how I end up so broke!


Blogger rdl said...

Here's an idea. offer the kids the $$ you'd spend on the b-day parties. I'm sure they'll go for it, the older ones anyway.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 3:03:00 am  
Blogger dakotablueeyes said...

i know, my kids are already telling me what they want for christmas

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 1:32:00 am  
Blogger Dave said...

It's my birthday in 3 months. You'd better start saving up.

Saturday, June 16, 2007 6:16:00 am  

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