Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weird weather!

It’s snowing. Again. What the heck is going on with our weather?! I know I said I wouldn’t mind living somewhere that had a proper winter, but this continual snowing then thawing just makes the place look messy! And it’s getting dangerous.

In fact I had a fright this morning. Almost loathed to tell you about it, as the BH will read this and roll his eyes. He said I shouldn’t attempt my usual hill to get J to school, but after making it down the driveway and onto the road, the thought of sitting in traffic was so unappealing I decided to attempt my regular route.

And it’s only a little hill! But I guess my car is big and heavy, and it’s safe to say I learnt a lesson. As well as scaring the girls. I got half way up, then the wheels just kept spinning. Which wasn’t so bad. Except once the car had come to a standstill, it started going backwards. And I started screaming.

Sounds pathetic, but I’m not used to driving in these conditions and when I put my foot on the brake, or use the hand brake, I anticipate my car obeying. Unfortunately I discovered the power of gravity over wheels on ice.

To make it worse we had just passed a woman on foot, slowly edging down the hill (and the road is only one and a half cars wide with no pavements), and I had visions of my car crushing her as we glided (at increasing speed) down the hill, backwards. So I put my hand on the horn in the hope she would realise I was heading straight for her, and dash into someone’s driveway. She tried. But performed a dance before collapsing in a heap. Poor woman.

By the time we reached her, I had realised neither brake would work and sticking my car in Park probably wasn’t a good idea. Sheer luck stopped my car inches from the wall. And her.

Not sure which of us was more shaken up, but I did offer her a lift (as I was now going to go in her direction!). She turned me down, not because of my driving, but because it was her third fall of the morning and she’d had enough and was going home. Not sure how. But I managed to get us to the bottom of the hill and turned around, just to sit in forty minutes of traffic.

And J got to school literally as the bell sounded. She was a happy Little Red Riding Hood!


Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Breaks are what happens when your brakes fail. :)

Sorry. I guess you're all shook up still.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 12:40:00 pm  
Blogger Jona said...

Or just can't spell ;o) Thanks Dave!

Thursday, March 02, 2006 12:49:00 pm  
Blogger Sam said...

I hate icy roads. That happened to me on the way home from school - and there was this huge truck behind us. I yelled at the twins to get into the trunk of the station wagon (it was back wheel propulsion, and the weight of the car was all up front in the engine.) Luckily the weight of the twins, plus our dog, and one wheel literally on the verge, stopped the car from sliding into the truck. Right in front of me, the postman slid his car off the road and into a ditch. Argh. Winter. I never underetimated hills again either, lol.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 5:24:00 pm  
Blogger No_Newz said...

Awwww! She is so cute! I'm ready for spring to come too. Cold and rainy today in my corner of the globe.
Lois Lane

Thursday, March 02, 2006 5:36:00 pm  
Blogger Tim-tambolini said...

Snow and icy roads are all part of Canadian winter, yet no one seems to be prepared for it. Four wheel drive sure helps for traction, but nothing seems good for ice. I have big mud and snow tires on my Jeep and I'm thankful for it! Is snow and ice common for your winters?

Who is this dave guy anyway and is that all he does is correct your spelling? Doesn't he know that proper spelling is not a sign of intelligence, but only a sign of a good memory?

That red cape is adorable. It makes me feel like going to sew something, but then I remember I have a list of other things I need to do, starting with plowing my snow-covered driveway.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 5:41:00 pm  
Blogger FTS said...

Can't say I blame her for not wanting to get into the vehicle with the driver that nearly ran her over. LOL

Thursday, March 02, 2006 8:18:00 pm  
Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yes, with snow, molehills become mountains. Nice try, though.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 9:27:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had bad weather here today also. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, the traditional March mix. I guess we gained a false sense of comfort with the 60 degree temperatures in January and February.

Friday, March 03, 2006 1:21:00 am  
Blogger rdl said...

so adorable! good job mom!

Friday, March 03, 2006 4:11:00 am  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

I've lived in California most of my life -- the non-snowy parts of California -- and I'm terrified driving on icy roads. You've given me another reason why I never want to drive on snowy/icy roads ever again. I read your story, imagining myself behind the wheel every inch of the way. Yikes!

Friday, March 03, 2006 6:23:00 am  
Blogger rdl said...

now that I actually read this post and not just smiled at the adorable girl and outfit, I'd say it wasn't just luck.

Friday, March 03, 2006 2:46:00 pm  

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