Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This could be a record…

Two great days in a row!

Today I did… nothing! Isn’t that divine?

When I say nothing – I don’t mean I didn’t even bother to get dressed (I’m not quite that low! Yet.), but after the stress of walking the dog I called a friend who has three sons and invited her and her tribe around to do…nothing.

(I’m serious about the dog walking stress. A ten minute car journey turned into forty minutes because a road was closed due to an accident, and on an island having one main road closed causes chaos! And then the beach was busy and had loads of families giving my dog filthy looks for having the nerve to be there. And anyway the children were with me, and how relaxing do you think that is every morning?!)

But back to my wonderful day of nothing. Us moms were totally mean and wouldn’t let the children on the playstation or stay indoors, so whilst they dashed about the garden making their own fun, we sat on the balcony watching whilst being able to hear ourselves think. And did nothing.

Except eat. We did eat a lot*. Twenty hot dogs, eighteen toasted tea cakes, a Mediterranean loaf, a chocolate log, seven packets of hula-hoops , huge bag of grapes, a punnet each of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, and a water melon.

I’m stuffed.

But in my defence, for me it was all fruit. Ridiculously expensive fruit which was supposed to last my family the week. I’m sure in the old days healthy stuff was cheaper than the nice stuff, so at least you saved money pigging out on the right things. Damn, I should have just opened the biscuits.


* the 'we' was the children too, not just us moms!


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