Tuesday, June 14, 2005


As I fell asleep last night, I realised it was a year ago today (well tomorrow going by dates, but it was Tuesday and so feels like today) that I discovered bad things could happen to a child of mine.

A fridge fell on J. It almost sounds amusing. But it wasn’t.

What is strange is I told a mom at school about the incident today, and she announced she has a friend whose husband has a broken arm and a dislocated hip due to the same thing happening to him! Both cases were extraordinarily lucky. For the man, the fridge was a regular two door fridge/freezer, and thankfully not a big American one that might surely have finished him. And in J’s case, the fridge being a huge American style is what saved her (she was small enough so that she was sort of swallowed).

I’m stunned. I live on a little island, with a population of less than one hundred thousand, and this happens TWICE in one year. What the odds on that?


Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

When we first moved into Crescent City, I dropped a TV on my head. Not a big one, fortunately. It was atop a file cabinet, and I had pulled out the top two drawers, destabilizing the whole thing. I was kneeling down, loading the bottom drawer, when I pulled out the middle drawer, and the whole thing toppled towards me. I'm not sure why only the TV dropped on my head.

Concussion x 2 days, otherwise no prob. Not one of my brighter moments.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 2:09:00 am  
Blogger Jona said...

And luckily not you last moment, Doug!
The older I get the more I realise how fragile us humans are (heavens, I'm low today!)

Crescent City sure is a pretty name, is that where you live now?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 8:52:00 am  
Blogger Bare Rump said...

Yup. We're here while the money pit in Harbor is busily sucking assets. CC was in the news last night -- we had a 7.4 earthquake off the coast and we went on tsunami alert. CC had a real, honest to God tidal wave in the early 60s. The news media rediscovers us whenever we go on tsunami alert.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 7:27:00 pm  
Blogger Bare Rump said...

Woops. Should have said, "My biographer is living in CC now . . ."

By, darling.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 7:28:00 pm  
Blogger Jona said...

SHIT, Doug! I take it if you're online then you're all safe and well? Did the wave not come? And is Harbor an actual harbour (at sea level)?

We're waiting for some great rock in the Canaries to fall into the sea, resulting in a swamping -- though luckily we live in a couple of miles inland!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 8:46:00 pm  
Blogger mm said...

That was you?? I remember when you posted about this (was it a fiction challenge?) And was it really a year ago?

Is four question marks in three sentences a record?

Thursday, June 16, 2005 9:03:00 pm  
Blogger Jona said...

Hi Maureen,

Yep it was my Jen, and it really was a year ago (doesn't time fly when you're having fun!). I did enter my write up of the day into a fiction challenge, and then wondered if I'd be disqualified because it was non-fiction ;o)

Sorry to see you're taking a break from blogging over the summer, though I understand about lack of time!

Thursday, June 16, 2005 9:56:00 pm  

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