Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Horribly busy couple of days! Or more accurately... More busy than I like these days.

On Sunday we had a flood. A good thing I am living in Reeve's room, or it may have taken us weeks to notice that the bath water now drains into there :/

Plumber looked at it yesterday and after many minutes destroying a cupboard, sawing through pipes, and poking things, he's declared our drain is no good (& never was!). Now we could just get the pipes redone, but as he has to pull the bathroom apart to do it, I am thinking I will take this opportunity to change the bathroom suite. Course that's easier said than done on a budget, but hey ho, where's there's a will, there's a way. I hope.

Yesterday was also the start of 'Chic week' at P's new school - when he mentioned it on Saturday I thought he'd said 'sheet week'. And I thought Sheet week was his way of saying 'Shit Week', which left me confused, as not wearing his suit should be considered a treat!

Well it IS considered a treat, and now makes sense...'crept they 're supposed to dress up according to a theme each day. Monday was pirates - at least I think it was, if the youngsters I saw were anything to go by. But P isn't that into pirates these days, so opted for own clothes... mixed with zombie ^^

Today is Superhero Day. P has gone as Superman, thanks to a t-shirt, borrowed red cape (from a 7 year old who lives n the estate), and Jen's red sports shorts over his jeans -sadly the boy refused to allow me photographic evidence that this ever took place.

Talking about 'the boy', my eldest R (whom I traditionally call The Boy) is coming home at half term! I'm actually pleased. I do sorta miss the great lug. That may sound odd, but as much as I love him, we don't always get along too well and so I don't miss him like the BH does.

One thing that will affect is, I will have to move out of his bedroom. Not sure how I feel about that. But hey ho, no point in giving that any thought space until the time comes.

And lastly, being that I'm doing NaNoMoWri in November, I had to get a move on with the Christmas shopping.... Well wow I have impressed myself! Course it's mostly been online, as I can't stand shops and people, but everything should be here within a week or two, so all looks good and I am feeling pleased with myself (almost a strange feeling these days ;))


Blogger Page Turner said...

P's zombie eyes freak me out. Sounds like you've had a bit of a hassle with this new house of yours...I'd be curious to know what the BH does for a living to afford all these major renovations and repairs. Bathrooms certainly aren't a cheap fix or remodel, that's for sure.

It sounds like you are busy enough...and I wish I was a good online shopper, although I'm boycotting Christmas this year, so no need for me to be doing any shopping at all. The new job, however, makes for some extra income for a few weeks...but I do need a new roof in the spring, so no new duds for me I'm afraid :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 3:35:00 pm  

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