Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another weekend in paradise

This weekend has been interesting, and calm too. Makes a nice change.

Things feel easier between me and the BH, although I still have no idea how that will end up, but it makes living in the same house less stressful.

Also spoke to R last night - he was starting to worry us, as we hadn't heard from him for 10 days, but he's good and enjoying Uni life. What's really sweet is, he's missing us and is looking forward to coming home for Christmas. I'm looking forward to it too - though I will have to move out of his room then. Hey ho, maybe other decisions will be firmer by then anyway, and life will have a plan with some direction.

I am worried about J ( she's the only child who knows what's going on, as she overheard) I do try to talk to her in quieter moments, and I would say reassure her, but I think it's her who reassures me with her hugs and whispers that 'everything will be okay mommy'.

Not too amused with P this weekend, as he's going out too much (can you believe it??!) I don't want to cramp his social life, but every weekend he's stopping out somewhere and we don't know his new friends, and I just don't think that's right when he's only 14. We were also told by R that P had deleted him off Facebook, so when he arrived home today I told him : less going out, and he had to add his big brother again or lose fb. Course knowing P he will alter his settings so that R can't see certain posts *sigh* . Only upside to Ps busy social life is, threatening to ground him now has effect!

And S... has buzzed about with her usual flamboyance with a noise level to match, making the place untidy, and eating endlessly!

As the weekend draws to a close, I feel stronger. I might not know what I want, but what I don't want is definitely becoming clearer. I take that as a positive :)

Ahh the joy of family life, roll on Monday ;)


Blogger MarkD60 said...

I'm glad you're blogging again!

Monday, October 15, 2012 12:25:00 pm  

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